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I am Chandan Bharati, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Inclusive Jobs portalfor playing a pivotal role in transforming my career and providing me with the opportunity towork with Genpact. Despite facing the challenges of a congenital deformity in my right upperlimb I was always motivated to help my parents financially. Having five years of workexperience and seeking assistance from friends, colleagues, and NGOs, I still faced rejection dueto my disability. That’s when I met the disability and inclusion managers at AIF’s job fair inNoida who provided invaluable counseling and guided me to access inclusive jobs portalthrough which I finally cracked the interview at Genpact, a company I had previouslyapproached without success. My annual salary of Rs. 3,64,000/- plus additional variablecomponents, brought immense joy and relief. I recommend this accessible portal to all thepersons with diverse abilities.

Chandan Bharati

Process Developer, Genpact

In 2021, my life changed overnight. A sudden illness stole my vision, turning everything dark. Ilost confidence, independence, but not hope. I came in touch with the AIF team and learnedaccessibility tools like JAWS and NVDA. Despite mobility challenges, the dream of working fromhome fueled my pursuit. Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) offered a beacon of hope—a chanceto contribute. This unique portal recognized and addressed the specific challenges I faced. Theaccessibility features not only made the platform easy to use but also showcased thecommitment to inclusivity. It helped me find a role that supported me in embarking on thejourney to rebuild my life. Now, with a Rs. 3 lakh per annum package, I work from home, callingcustomers. My job isn't just employment; it's a lifeline. This portal is a game-changer for peoplelike me, proving that abilities are what matter most in the workplace.

Komal Dhanraj Tejwani

Customer Service Executive, Mahindra Logistics

I had been facing challenges in finding a job that accommodated my locomotor disability until Idiscovered this incredible portal. The accessibility features made my job search seamless, andthe platform connected me with employers who not only valued my skills but also understoodthe importance of inclusivity. I managed to successfully secure a position at HDFC Ergo with amonthly salary of INR 39,497. This is not just a number; it represents my newfound financialstability and the ability to provide for my mother. I was determined to build a career in the BFSIsector and with relevant training along with strategic employer matchmaking I managed toachieve the impossible. Thanks to this portal, I landed a role that not only suits my expertise butalso considers my unique needs. It's more than just a job platform; it's a beacon ofempowerment for individuals with disabilities like me.

Hashim Nerpali

Senior Executive Finance, HDFC Ergo General Insurance

As someone with a Speech and Hearing Impairment, traditional job-seeking avenues oftenproved challenging due to communication barriers. This specialized portal transformed my jobhunting experience. The accessibility features ensured that I could navigate the platformeffortlessly. The opportunities I found here matched my skills, and the employers weregenuinely supportive of diversity. I had the chance to interview with various companies, one ofthem being KFC. To my joy, KFC offered me a position, and within a few days, I joined theirpremises earning a monthly salary of Rs.10,800. I'm grateful for this platform that not onlyopened doors for me but also embraced and celebrated my abilities.

Akhilesh Kumari

Food Processor, KFC