Interview Tips

Interview Preparation:

Tips for Before, During, and After an Interview

Company information

  • The most important step is to read and research the company you are interviewing for.  
  • Go through the company website, blog, and social media pages to assess its products, services, and client-base.     
  • Also, read recent press releases for insight on projected growth and stability.     
  • Review the organization's background and mission statement and take down some numbers like revenue, strength, offices, etc.     
  • These details can most likely be found on the website of the company in 'About us' or 'Who we are' section.     

About the interviewer

  • If you know the interviewer’s name already, research about him/her.    
  • Visit his/her profile on Naukri or LinkedIn and find out whether the person is an HR professional or a Technical Manager.    
  • Prepare for the interview accordingly.

Evaluate job description

  • The recruiter puts the effort into mentioning a detailed job description for a reason.   
  • They are looking for someone who perfectly complements the job profile and role.   
  • So, make a good effort to go through the job description so that you are aware of the expectations the company has for the position. 

Fit in skills and qualities

  • While you analyze the job description, outline the knowledge, skills, and abilities required.   
  • Examine the hierarchy and determine where the position fits within the organization.   
  • Analyze what the employer is seeking concerning your qualifications. Tweak your resume accordingly.   

Make a list of questions

  • As per the company background and job role, make a list of questions you can expect to be thrown at you.         
  • Research answers to these questions via the company website, social media pages, company news, etc.         

Mock interview

  • Find a friend or a family member and hand them down the list of questions you prepared.          
  • Ask them to play the role of an interviewer. Practice answering all the questions on the list.          
  • You can also record your answers to analyze them further.          

Organise documents

  • Keep two copies of all the important documents such as your resume, cover letter, degrees, mark sheets, identity proofs, photographs, etc., ready.           
  • Also, check if the recruiter has asked you to bring any other thing like a laptop, notebook, etc. to the interview. Organise all the documents neatly in a folder.